The ATMEA1 reactor

A new mid-sized Generation III+ reactor

 The ATMEA1 reactor is the answer to market demands for a mid-sized PWR offering utilities solid Generation III+ safety features and an optimal return on investment. 

 The ATMEA1 reactor is designed using innovative, proven nuclear technologies from AREVA and MHI, ATMEA’s parent companies.

 The ATMEA1 reactor also benefits from the extensive in-house production capacity and high manufacturing reliability of these two leading nuclear suppliers.

The ATMEA1 reactor is ready for the worldwide market

 The ATMEA1 reactor is being considered by several potential customers, worldwide, for their new nuclear projects.


The technical description and key data of The ATMEA1 reactor, a mid-sized Generation III+ PWR.

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The ATMEA1 reactor status report on the IAEA website

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