Introducing ATMEA

The ATMEA company offers the ATMEA1 reactor - a mid-sized Generation III+ PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor)

 The ATMEA company, a joint venture by AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries—two of the world’s leading nuclear suppliers, markets, licenses, and sells the ATMEA1 reactor—a 1,100 MWe Generation III+ PWR that brings together innovative and proven nuclear technologies from both AREVA and MHI.

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 The scope of ATMEA activities: Development, Marketing & Sales, Construction & Commissioning activities for the ATMEA1 reactor.

 The ATMEA1 reactor responds to market requirements for a mid-sized pressurized water reactor while offering solid Generation III+ safety features and optimal return on investment. 

 Utilities will benefit not only from innovative, proven nuclear technologies from AREVA and MHI, but also from the extensive in-house production capacity and high manufacturing reliability of these two companies. This is particularly relevant given the rapid growth anticipated in the nuclear market                                                                   over the coming years.

 The ATMEA company is under discussion with several potential customers who show their strong and keen interest in the ATMEA1 reactor.




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