Combined project management capabilities of the two parent companies enable to provide the most certainty and reliability in project implementation and its associated services :

      AREVA is leveraging the experience gained in large scale and complex        projects worldwide - over 100 reactors built or under construction : built        obviously in France and Germany but also in China, Brazil, South Africa -        which provide an unmatched record of recent global project experience and a         knowledge base which is being vigorously applied to ensure project         certainty, 

                                                                        MHI has significant experience in the completion of national and international                                                                          projects, in particular worth noting that all 24 PWR plants were built in Japan                                                                          by MHI.

Additionally, MHI and AREVA operate an extensive industrial base that includes major manufacturing facilities in Japan and France. This in-house production capacity will guarantee high manufacturing quality and ensure on-time delivery of the most critical components.

- Building experience
- Resources
- Supply chain
- Quality

 The expertise of AREVA and MHI extends beyond new-build activities. Both companies also have technology that covers the entire fuel cycle from uranium mining, supplying the fuel assemblies, to recycling spent fuels.


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