ATMEA1 Technical Seminar in Prague

November 20, 2017

ATMEA Company held an ATMEA Technical Seminar at Czech Technical University in Prague on 10 November for the students studying nuclear science & the teachers.

Two lecturers from ATMEA Company, Mr. Antoine VERDIER, Business Development Director, who introduced the company profile and overview on large nuclear program in France, and Mr. Eric MATHET, Head of Licensing and Regulatory matters, who presented basic concepts of a generation III+ design with the ATMEA1 technology , and more detailed ATMEA1 technical designs including its safety, reliable, economical, proven design, and also addressed its building layout, core design, systems for safety, severe accident strategy and mitigation systems, etc. which were well received by the students and encouraged a lot of questions during the seminar.

ATMEA held technical seminar already at the West Bohemia University & Bruno Technical University respectively in May.


ATMEA Company wants to continue the human resource development activities through this kind of seminar which, ATMEA believes, enables to enhance not only the ATMEA visibility but also the technical knowledge of the future nuclear leaders.

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