ATMEA1 Technical lectures at universities in Czech Republic

ATMEA1 Technical lectures at universities in Czech Republic

June 06, 2017

ATMEA Company held technical lectures at the West Bohemia University (WBU) and the Brno Technical University (BTU) respectively in Czech Republic in May.

ATMEA Company held one-day lectures at WBU on May 11 taking opportunity of the Nuclear Days 2017 event (April - May 2017), and also held at BTU on May 30, the subjects of which were;

  • The current French Nuclear program including the fuel cycle activities and waste management philosophy, and
  • A technical description of Generation III+ reactors and ATMEA1 features.

 These sessions took place with around 10 participants from PhD students, professors, and so on, with mock-up exhibition including ATMEA1 mock-up. There were many questions including high performance steam generator with axial economizer description, improved fuel design, high load following capability, core design, why core catcher in case of core melt, etc.

ATMEA would like to continue the technical lectures in Czech Republic as one of human resource development activities for future NPP construction project.

Lecture scene at WBU

West Bohemia University

Lecture scene at BTU

Brno Technical University

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