Suppliers Day in Brazil

Suppliers Day in Brazil

April 10, 2015

ATMEA, together with AREVA and EDF, organized the first joint-edition of ‘Supplier Days’ in Brazil on 26 March, 2015, with the support of ABDAN, Associação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento de Atividades Nucleares.

More than 150 participants from 70 companies specialized in manufacturing, construction and engineering services attended the Supplier Day, alongside representatives from the French Consulate and the Ministry of Energy, and senior AREVA, EDF and ATMEA executives. The event underlines companies’ ambition to create an extended network of Brazilian suppliers to participate in future nuclear projects in Brazil, and their commitment to support the industrial and technical development of local Brazilian companies.

During the seminar, Brazilian suppliers got firsthand information from AREVA, EDF and ATMEA’s management and supply chain experts and were able to discuss business opportunities during the afternoon working sessions.

Bernard Bastide, AREVA’s Brazil and South America Vice President, said: “This Suppliers’ Day event marks a significant step forward in our localization strategy and the identification of key industrial players in Brazil. It also demonstrates our commitment to supporting the country’s strategy to diversify its low-carbon energy mix."

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