ATMEA Day in Vienna

ATMEA Day in Vienna

April 19, 2016

ATMEA Company held “ATMEA Day” seminar at Hilton hotel in Vienna on 13 April, 2016 thanks to French and Japanese Permanent missions in Vienna. In this opportunity, ATMEA Company shared the outline of ATMEA Company, ATMEA1 reactor and ATMEA projects where ATMEA received approximately 20 representatives from Permanent Missions of several countries including some Ambassadors.

Following the presentation by Mr. Andreas Goebel, President & CEO of ATMEA Company, workshops were held addressing 4 topics linked to the presentation; “Full Support from France and Japan”, “State-Of-The-Art Safety Design”, “Operational Performance”, and “Proven Design”.

ATMEA Company continues such activities onward to contribute to energy mix strategy in each country considering Nuclear Power source as part of their portfolio.

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