ATMEA1 Training Session in France

ATMEA1 Training Session in France

December 25, 2015

ATMEA1 Training Session was held at AREVA headquarter in La Defense (France) on 25 through 27 November, 2015. Total 13 trainees coming from several European countries joined this training session. The purpose of the ATMEA1 Training Session is to provide with a fundamental knowledge of ATMEA Company and ATMEA1 technology such as the history, achievements, reactor origins, main features, current & future activities worldwide. In the Session, the trainees learned overview of Design Philosophy, Licensing Strategy, Nuclear Island Layout, Core Design, Primary Components, Non safety systems, Safety systems & Severe Accident mitigation, I&C, Electrical systems.

In the closing session, Mr. Yoshiki Ogata, Deputy CEO of ATMEA, expressed his thanks to trainees as well as trainer, and mentioned “This session couldn’t have been successful without your involvement. Thank you for your strong interest in the ATMEA1 reactor. If one day there is an ATMEA1 reactor in your country, you can claim you were among the pioneers.

ATMEA has initiated the series of ATMEA1 Training Sessions officially for its parents company started with AREVA engineers in France in March 2015 and with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan in July 2015. This Training Session in November was the first one for external organization.

ATMEA is going to organize further sessions in the coming years to familiarize ATMEA Company & ATMEA1 technology.

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