ATMEA1 Seminar for EVN in Hanoi

November 04, 2015

ATMEA Company, together with AREVA and MHI, and in presence of the French Embassy & Japanese Embassy, performed an ATMEA1 Seminar for EVN in Hanoi on October 20-21, 2015, which was the first seminar dedicated to ATMEA1 technology for EVN. Around 30 people from EVN including Mr. Nguyen Cuong Lam, Vice President of EVN, attended.

During the two-days seminar, ATMEA Company presented the robustness and high safety of the ATMEA1 design developing several topics such as ATMEA1 proven technology, advanced construction techniques, ATMEA1 safety features including Severe Accident, post-Fukushima measures, etc. AREVA and MHI presented their accumulated comprehensive knowledge and experiences of previous or ongoing NPP construction projects. AREVA and MHI reiterated their strong support from both Japan and France to the ATMEA1 technology.

During the seminar, there were many questions followed by great fruitful discussions showing the EVN high interest to the ATMEA1 technology and Japanese / French experiences .

ATMEA Company committed to provide strong and long-term support for Vietnamese nuclear industry through the implementation of seminars, etc.  ATMEA Company together with AREVA and MHI are willing to provide their industrial expertise and experiences to succeed a new NPP projects in Vietnam.

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