IRSN Seminar in Vietnam

Constructive exchange between French IRSN and Vietnamese safety experts about ATMEA1 reactor safety options assessment

April 13, 2015

During a meeting organized by ATMEA and hosted by the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS) on April 2nd in Hanoi, the French Institut de Radioprotection et Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) presented to a number of Vietnamese Executives from VARANS, VINATOM, VAEA, EVN, EVN/NPB, EVN/EPU a summary of the ATMEA1 reactor safety options assessment performed by the French Safety Authority (ASN/IRSN) from 2010 to 2012. Earlier in the week, upon VARANS invitation, IRSN presented the detailed assessment to VARANS and other Vietnamese experts from several organizations during a 3.5 day workshop.

These two meetings were a major opportunity for Vietnamese safety experts to better understand the French regulatory review process and the ATMEA1 reactor technical features.

This assessment was performed in accordance with the French legal framework for nuclear facilities licensing. ASN/IRSN reviewed all the ATMEA1 safety features for the entire life-cycle of the facility. In addition to the review of the compliance with the current regulations, the assessment incorporated detailed design technical analyses and the most recent regulatory developments in Europe.

The analysis performed by ASN/IRSN on the ATMEA1 robust and proven design concluded that no major issue would prevent the issuance of a construction license for an ATMEA1 reactor in France.

Andreas Goebel, the President and CEO of ATMEA, said : “I have been impressed by the high level exchange between IRSN and the Vietnamese safety experts about the ATMEA1 reactor safety option review. It has clearly highlighted the highest safety standards of the ATMEA1 reactor. This is why the ATMEA1 reactor is perfectly suited for Vietnam.

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