Economic performance

Fuel assembly for PWR


At the ATMEA Company, we are committed to delivering a highly cost-effective solution in the medium-power pressurized water reactor (PWR) range. The ATMEA1 reactor offers superior economic performance while meeting the highest level of safety and reliability available on the mid-sized reactor market today.

A lifetime of outstandingly economical power generation

The ATMEA1 reactor’s overall cost to buy and operate is highly competitive, thanks to the following:

High efficiency: Thermal efficiency of about 37% results in target 10% less fuel consumption and radioactive waste production than existing nuclear power plants.

High availability: Operating availability of 92% as a target over the entire plant lifespan results in low operating and maintenance costs.

Longer plant life: A 60-year plant life increases return on investment.

Highly competitive generation costs: High thermal efficiency, high availability and flexibility of operation reduce generation costs throughout plant lifetime.

Reduced decommissioning burden: Decommissioning is more easily performed due to early-stage design considerations.

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