Health & safety

Health & safety


At the ATMEA Company, ensuring the health and safety of workers and communities in which the ATMEA1 reactor operates is our top priority. Today, the ATMEA1 reactor features the lowest occupational dose rate level during normal operation. We also incorporate the latest design features to ensure minimal impact during accidents, both with and without core melt.

Health and safety, our top priority

The ATMEA1 reactor’s next-generation safety systems ensure the probability of core damage and large-scale radiological release is more than 10 times lower than International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requirements.

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, the reactor is equipped with a range of safety features that significantly reduce overall impact. Surrounding communities can rest assured of the following:

  • Accidents not involving a core melt are handled on site without any impact on those living in the area.
  • In case of a severe core melt accident, evacuation and permanent relocation is not necessary. For those living more than 500 meters from the reactor, relocation is only temporary.

Protecting health and safety of workers

We make every effort possible to ensure the highest level of health and safety for workers on site. Since the early design phase, the ATMEA1 reactor has met the world’s most stringent safety standards. It features the following:

  • Lowest occupational dose rate level of radiation exposure in the world
  • User-friendly engineering components, such as accessibility and ergonomics
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