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The ATMEA1 reactor was developed in full compliance with the most stringent international standards available.

The ATMEA1 design is based on US regulations, codes and standards, as well as on recommendations or requirements from the following institutions:

International Commission on Radiological Protection

The ATMEA1 reactor is compliant with the IRCP n°63 recommendation regarding principles of intervention for protection of the public in case of radiological risks.

European Commission on Nuclear Safety

The European Commission on Nuclear Safety promotes the safety of civilian nuclear activities in Europe. It ensures that emerging countries with nuclear reactors meet internationally recognized safety standards and have the necessary safety infrastructure. The ATMEA1 reactor meets European “beyond design” and severe accident standards.

International Atomic Energy Agency

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an organization dedicated to promoting safe and peaceful nuclear technologies. Since its conceptual design, the ATMEA1 reactor has met the IAEA’s high-level safety requirements. In a 2008 review, the IAEA concluded that the ATMEA1 reactor met its fundamental safety principles and requirements. In a 2016 review, the IAEA also concluded that the ATMEA1 seismic design methodologies are aligned with relavant IAEA Safety Standards.

Nuclear Power Plant Exporters' Principles of Conduct

The ATMEA Company adheres to the Nuclear Power Plant Exporters’ Principles of Conduct initiative developed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 2011. The initiative reaffirms and strengthens national and international governance and oversight, incorporating best practices across the following six areas:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Environmental protection
  • Compensation for nuclear damage
  • Non-proliferation
  • Ethics
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