At the ATMEA Company, we are committed to achieving the highest standards in safety. In fact, every aspect of the ATMEA1 reactor was designed to adhere to the most stringent international safety requirements, including US, European and international standards.

Proven systems for optimal safety

The ATMEA1 reactor primarily incorporates licensed and verified systems that have been fully operational for decades in EDF Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) power plants, ensuring the highest level of safety possible. We developed additional components that have been fully tested and approved for use to improve reliability and simplify design.

Enhanced security features for greater accident prevention

The ATMEA1 reactor’s verified systems and operated-and-tested components greatly reduce the likelihood of severe accidents. Innovative features practically eliminate early containment failure risk and secure the reactor under all conditions. Redundant and diverse safety features are used to:

  • Protect: Critical systems are secured against external hazards, including seismic event, flood, explosion and airplane crash.
  • Cool: Clearly separated safety trains and redundant safety features ensure the residual heat-cooling function is maintained.
  • Confine: Containment features ensure extremely limited or no environmental impact occurs during a severe accident.

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