ATMEA Achieves Major Milestone in Canada

 ATMEA Achieves Major Milestone in Canada

June 28, 2013


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has completed Phase 1 – the Pre-Licensing Assessment of Compliance with CNSC Regulatory Requirements and Canadian Codes and Standards – of the prelicensing vendor design review of the ATMEA1 reactor, developed by the ATMEA joint venture comprising AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Overall, the ATMEA1 design intent meets the most recent CNSC regulatory design requirements and expectations for a new nuclear power plant in Canada.

The Phase 1 review involves an overall assessment of the vendor’s nuclear power plant design against the most recent CNSC design requirements for new nuclear power plants in Canada as indicated in Design of New Nuclear Power Plants (RD-337)or Design of Small Reactor Facilities (RD-367) as applicable, as well as all other related CNSC regulatory documents and Canadian codes & standards.

This evaluation confirms the high level of safety, the maturity and the licensing certainty of the ATMEA1 design. After the statement of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in 2012, the ATMEA1 reactor proved once again its high safety standards.

In addition to the agreement in Turkey on the ATMEA1 reactor for the Sinop site, the ATMEA1 reactor is in final technology selection process in Jordan and is under consideration by many utilities around the world, for countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

The ATMEA1 reactor is a Generation III+ pressurized water reactor of 1,100 MWe, intended for any type of electrical network and in particular for medium power grids. It was designed and developed by ATMEA, the 50/50 Joint Venture created in 2007 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and AREVA. Taking support of these two parent companies, ATMEA capitalizes on their experience of about 130 nuclear power plants which have been operating in the world for approximately 30 years, and representing more than 3300 cumulative reactor years of operation.
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