Big Step ahead for the ATMEA1 Reactor to be built in Turkey

Subject: Big Step ahead for the ATMEA1 Reactor to be built in Turkey

May 21, 2013


Turkey has chosen Japan as its partner to develop Sinop nuclear power project in the Black Sea province, which would install 4 units of ATMEA1 Generation III+ reactors. 

On May 3, 2013, Turkish and Japanese governments agreed to cooperate in promoting the Sinop nuclear power project executing the inter-government agreement, paving the way to Japan for an “preferential negotiating rights to build a nuclear power plant”. Having the governmental agreement, the International consortium of Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI), Itochu Corporation, French utility group GDF Suez and the Turkish Electricity Generation Company Incorporated (EUAS) will undertake further development and negotiation towards the contract, to build and operate the 4,400 MWe nuclear plant, with four ATMEA1 reactors. ATMEA will provide the Nuclear Island part for the plant construction contract. The commercial operation of the first nuclear unit is targeted at 2023 “The Turkey’s choice confirmed the rightness of the ATMEA’s options taken for the design of this reactor. It also endorses the high confidence and interest expressed by several other ATMEA’s potential customers for the ATMEA1 reactor and its top level safety and proven technology. ATMEA is very confident that this remarkable step in Turkey will open many other opportunities for this reactor worldwide” declared Philippe NAMY ATMEA’s President and CEO.
The ATMEA1 reactor is under consideration for many other new nuclear power plants in the world as for Jordan and Vietnam. ATMEA1 is also considered in several countries in Europe, South East Asia and South America.
The ATMEA1 reactor is a Generation III+ Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) of 1100 MWe net, developed by ATMEA, the MHI and AREVA Joint Venture.

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