MHI and AREVA confirm official start of ATMEA

MHI and AREVA confirm official start of ATMEA

December 07, 2007

AREVA and MHI confirm official start of ATMEA Joint Venture for development of mid-size nuclear power reactor.

AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) announce that their joint venture ATMEA is now formally incorporated, following the announcement of the creation of ATMEA during a joint press conference in Paris on September 3, 2007.

Since October 2006, AREVA and MHI have been working together to define the conceptual basis for an advanced generation 3+ pressurized-water reactor with a power of 1,100 MWe. Now, this joint venture at a 50/50 split, is starting the development, licensing, marketing, and selling of the ATMEA 1 reactor worldwide. The ATMEA1 reactor will answer the needs of customers interested in a mid-size power reactor market.

“With ATMEA 1, we aim at taking a leading position in the world-wide mid-size reactor market thus, meeting the challenge of the nuclear renaissance”, says ATMEA CEO Stefan vom Scheidt.
The ATMEA 1 reactor combines innovative, reliable, and proven nuclear technologies from AREVA and MHI, including improved safety and security systems, a high thermal efficiency, and a flexible 12- to 24-month operation cycle length with less fuel cost, waste, and impact on the environment. This reactor is also designed for site flexibility and will accommodate various grid conditions.

The joint venture expects to have the ATMEA 1 design ready for licensing application at the end of 2009 – less than three years away. This extremely short development time is made possible by combining both AREVA’ and MHI’s extensive experience in the nuclear market.

ATMEA will purchase its engineering services from the large engineering workforce from AREVA and MHI to be devoted to the development of ATMEA1. In addition, because the two companies are geographically well-placed with large manufacturing facilities in France and Japan, in-house production capacity will guarantee high manufacturing reliability throughout the entire ATMEA 1 program.
The ATMEA Joint Venture is located in Paris. Mr. Stefan vom Scheidt is ATMEAs CEO, and Mr. Makoto Kanda is ATMEA Deputy CEO.

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The Joint Venture ATMEA has been created by AREVA and MHI to develop and market the advanced generation reactor ATMEA 1. The newly formed company aims at taking a leading position in the worldwide middle size power market. Its headquarters are located in Paris and employ around 20 people.

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